Outreach mission

Community Outreach

 We seek to offer long-term assistance and solutions to problems affecting communities.  We want to help make our communities better, safer, healthier, and more welcoming to those who live there.  This initiative allows us to engage children in appropriate service activities to learn to care for their community.  In addition, we carry out missions within hospitals to help those who need it most.


We also extend our services through an outreach mission program to help school dropouts and other youth learn essential skills to survive. 

These include learning skills such as tailoring, baking, and Batik Tye & Dye. These skills help them in a way to improve their lives and their standard of living. 

We believe in all children's potential and extend our services to help those around us as much as possible. 

Learn more about our charitable activities for the Outreach Mission Programs (OMP) and see how you can help make it even better and more impactful. Whether you're looking to donate money or volunteer your time, we are happy to receive any help you can give.


After school activities (ASA)


We help the less fortunate foster children with our Afterschool Activities program. If you're looking to play a part, find out more about how to donate or volunteer. Your help makes all the difference to our charity recipients. Contact us to learn more about our different services and how you can help us make a difference in the Ryvanz-Mia family. 


Sustainable Projects: We invest heavily in our agriculture and livestock projects to ensure the food sustainability of our orphanage.  We keep about a hundred birds!  In addition to sustainability, the project provides a series of economic benefits thanks to the exchange and sale of products.  We desire to be able to meet the needs of the orphanage through the sale of our products!  In addition to crops, we carry out poultry, piggery, goat farms, and the Tie and Dye projects.


Activities and Roles


Ryvanz-Mia Childcare makes use of the collaboration of volunteers to carry out or enhance the above activities:




 Our volunteers work approximately 6 hours a day from Monday to Thursday or from Monday to Friday.  During the weekend, volunteers can go sightseeing and visit the attractions of our region.



 Ryvanz-Mia is happy to welcome and has cultivated excellent relationships with volunteers since 2006!  We are committed to always value and recognize the work of our volunteers because we know that their contribution is important.

 Volunteering at RMC allows you to develop new skills and meet new people while offering inspiration and hope to others.

 So, if you are looking for a way to contribute to change and concretely help others, contact us!


 Costs and Accommodation: * any fees are required by the organization.  Ayni does not benefit in any way.

 Each volunteer is expected to pay the following contribution to cover the costs of food (three meals a day), accommodation (suitable accommodation on the second floor of our facility), and on-site assistance:


 2 weeks ……… € 200

 3 weeks ……… € 275

 4 weeks ……… € 350

 5 weeks..……...€ 440

 6 weeks ………€ 520

 7 weeks ………€ 680

 8 weeks ………€ 760

 9 weeks……….€ 850

 10 weeks.……. € 930


The fee also includes reception and accompaniment at the airport upon arrival and departure.  Be careful, though!  Volunteers arriving after 5:30 pm will need to stay in Accra for the night. The stay costs around € 75 per night.



 English level: intermediate or higher

 Commitment, availability, and desire to generate change for our children


 Motivation, interest, and passion for working with children

 Willing to learn


 Group Volunteering

 We can help student groups, charities, and religious groups to organize their volunteer trip to RMC.

 Long term volunteering

 If you are thinking of dedicating a long period to volunteering, contact us for more information!  Activities may differ slightly from those described.



Become A Volunteer In Our Community


Our community provides a platform for you to serve whole-heartedly. We believe that age, race, education, cultural beliefs, etc. do not stop us from truly being who we are.

Whether you are a youth, college student, retiree, religious group, government organization, you can become a volunteer. Give something today and also visit our blog page for more exciting news.


If you feel moved by the causes Ryvanz-Mia Childcare (Orphanage) promotes,please feel free to email us.