Volunteer Handbook-2017





Dear Brother/Sister,


First of all congratulations! You decided to become a volunteer in this "children home", that's the first step of making the world a better place.Bellow is what the AAD 6 wrote in the VOLUNTEER HAND BOOK.


We are 6 guys from Switzerland; Matteo, Maxiximilian, Jonas, Alex, Julian and Manuel. Our stay was short, only one week, so we enjoyed and made the best out every minute we had.


           - We built a fence in the garden so that the goats won't 
             eat the vegetables anymore  
           - we planted tomatoes, peppers, carrots, salads, etc
           - We reinforced the stone wall on the garden
           - We built a walking way in the garden


            - we brought along some games for the kids like:
            - Badminton set
            - Ping-Pong set
            - One Ruben ball for every kid
            - Toy cars
            - Basketball loop and a ball
            - Painting set
            - Flore ball sticks and balls


           - we tried to make the lessons as fun for the kids and
             as efficient as possible. We figured out that the kids
             learn more, and are more focused, when theory is combined
             with practice (games). The lessons vary between:
           - Spelling words
           - Basics maths
           - Basics geography (continents, climate ...)
           - Basics about space (plants, sun,...)
           - How does an airplane fly
           - Basics about economics (selling fishes, save some money...)
           - Basics about cars
           - Solar system
           - General knowledge


            -We used one day of this week for an excursion.
            -We went with the kids for a little hike on mount Gemi at 
            -We visited the monkey sanctuary at Tafi-Atome and the kids
             had lots of fun with the monkeys

                         THINGS TO DO

           -Try to keep the garden in a good shape and see to it that the 
            garbage stays out of it.
           -If you are good in "computer informatics", than have a look in
            the library, there will be for sure something to fix. 
           -You could finish reinforcing the wall in the garden 
           -You could do an additional "sheep fence" in the vegetable garden

              - The kids love to play and are really interested in learning
                new games.
              - If you can play the guitar then go for it! Some kids are really
                fast in learning to play. But pay attention: they are also really
                fast in breaking the guitar


          The kids are interested, as long as they are not bored. So try to make 
          the theory lesson like fairy tales stories, and add some games with reward
          to it.
          Try to teach them some things that they can really use in their daily life.


          The kids were really happy and grateful for the outdoor activities that we
          made together.
          So outdoor activities are always a good idea. But keep in mind: Taxies are
          expensive, because some roads are in bad shape.


We thank you very much for being here to help, and for reading this.You will have for sure a very enriching experience, a lot of fun, and good deep
conversation with mama Esi and the older girls.Never forget to make a beer in town!



 AAD6 -August 2017