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History About Hope Memorial School

Mama Esi, who was also a Sunday school teacher some time back, established the Hope Memorial School in honor of her late husband, who was a great educationist. The lifetime of her late husband impacted the sense of educational value amongst the school children.


As a result, this explains why Mama Esi named the school as the Hope Memorial School and also the founder of the orphanage known as Ryvanz-Mia Childcare, wants to ensure that every child  receives the education they deserve, get well dressed, and excel in their school work and exams.


 She works towards ensuring that the Hope Memorial School teaches values and love amongst the orphaned and needy children.

About the school

Hope Memorial School is a pre school established by Mama Esi to help the orphaned children, needy children, and those from well-off families. Through this school, Mama Esi wants to offer a homely atmosphere and nourish all the children to make them better citizens. At this school, the children from Kpando Volta Region of Ghana and it’s surrounding get the education they deserve so they can become good men and women.


Other than this, the school helps these pupils to realize their true potential, which is essential in allowing them to work towards their personal goals. It involves various programs which will enable the students to learn the meaning of being themselves, hence building the best chance for them in the future.


Volunteers to the organization will teach in our school.Apply Now.

Why you should enroll your child here

• We ensure individualized attention because of our small classes

• We offer the most recommendable education that prepares the students for higher learnings, career, and life

• We offer the best programs

We are always looking for highly motivated individuals to volunteer who can initiate a project or offer other services such as teaching and helping our kids to study.

We also welcome interns/students volunteers or professionals to undertaking health outreach mission and other social interventions in our orphanage communities.

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