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The children range in age from Four to 21-years-old. They all reside in the orphanage, where they attend the Delta School and the Miracle School and Missahoe through the sponsorship of volunteers.

They learn to be responsible and value education from early childhood with the help of volunteers and an incredibly hardworking mother supervising the home.

Each day they are expected to do their school homework and their chores before being able to play with their brothers and sisters. Through Mama Esi’s dedication and love for the children she has created a home that truly feels like a family. The children feel that they have 17 brothers and sisters. They eat, work, study, and play together. There is playful teasing and loving care for one another. This infuses them with the sense of family that they desperately need as most of the children were orphaned by the death of their parents.

The kids are steered away from lives controlled by anger and revenge and taught to foster a sense of love and commitment within themselves. The children grow into this loving commitment while learning the values of education and respect and the importance of being humble and tolerant towards each other. The children are truly amazing kids filled with joy and love even after all that they have been through.

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Isaac Komla,21 years (completed)

Birthday: February 1993

Gender: Boy 

He is the most serious although he does not seem it when he dances without stopping. He always has time to help the little ones with homework when he is at home (since the older ones, if they pass the course, are given the opportunity to live in the Boarding School). Do not challenge him when it comes to football: you will lose.

Akweley, 10 years-Primary 5

Birthday: April 2007

Gender: Girl 

Instead, Akweley is the happy princess of the orphanage. Always happy, active and willing to play, she has a good relationship with the little Mawusi, who loves to play every day. Good student and it is very clear that when she grows up she wants to be an instructor.


Watch Akweley's interaction here with our volunteers

Silas,11 years-JHS 1

Birthday: February 2006

Gender: Boy

A little shy, he loves to draw and paint. He has a lot of grace to do crafts and if you give him a bottle he is capable of doing anything. For all this, he wants to be an artist when he grows up.

Comfort,21 years-SHS 3

Birthday: April 1996

Gender: Girl 

The most hard-working and attentive, she says that she never plans to leave the orphanage, if she can avoid it. "My home is here."

She and Rachael are the most presumptuous of the SQUAD and they will probably want to paint their lips very very red. A pint-nail is the best way to get to them .. She is affectionate and shy, calm and prudent, perfect to spend the afternoon chatting and having a tea. She is studying economics and food manipulation and would like to start a project although she is still not clear which one.

Watch Comfort's interaction here with our volunteers.

Mirabel,14 years-JHS 3

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