We give children a second chance at life, and give them a safe place to learn about the world.

How you can help?


There are other ways you can participate in our program and projects. Whether you get involved with RMC as a donor, potential RMC supporter, volunteer or partner, advocate, or ambassador of RMC, you have the power to change a child's future for the better. 

Ryvanz-Mia Childcare needs your support to continue to provide for the orphaned children of Kpando, Ghana.


We invite individuals, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and corporations (regardless of location) to contribute to this worthwhile cause and make a difference in the lives of the children at Ryvanz-Mia Childcare 


There are a variety of ways to get involved or ask for more information on the following:

  • Monetary Donations,

  • Donation Of Supplies 

  • New Project Sponsorships

  • Volunteering.


Sponsoring a child can be very rewarding not only for the child but for the sponsor as well. When you sponsor a child you will get to know the child and become a part of their life. Once you commit to sponsoring a child, you will receive a more detailed description of the child along with a picture and a letter from the child.

With a sponsorship of 100 USD, a month provides the child of your choice with school fees, clothing, food and a chance at a better life.

We accept MTN Mobile Money (MOMO) +233 24 3199747  Name on the MOMO account: Mary Adofu


Thank you for your support and generous donations. If you have any further questions about becoming a sponsor please email Ryvanz-Mia Family at ryvanzmia23@gmail.com



All monetary donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. Even a small monetary donation goes a long way in Kpando, Ghana. For example, 100 USD a month provides for both the basic and educational needs of a child at Ryvanz-Mia Childcare Family. Three funds have been established so that monetary donors can choose how their donation will be allocated.


We accept MTN Mobile Money (MOMO) +233 24 3199747 Name on the MOMO account: Mary Adofu


To make a monetary donation,click here.


This fund is dedicated to meeting the basic needs of the children under our care and keeping the home operational. Donations to this fund will be used for food, clothes, shoes, toiletries, home goods, etc.


We accept MTN Mobile Money (MOMO) in Ghana +233 24 3199747 Name on the MOMO account: Mary Adofu



This fund is dedicated to providing the children associated with Ryvanz Mia Childcare with a quality education. Donations to this fund will be used for fees, uniforms, and other necessary school supplies (e.g. pencils, book bags, etc.).

We accept MTN Mobile Money (MOMO) in Ghana +233 24 3199747 Name on the MOMO account: Mary Adofu


This fund is dedicated to maintaining the health of the children associated with Ryvanz-Mia Childcare. Donations to this fund will be used to cover doctor fees when the children are sick or hospitalized as well as costs for over-the-counter medicines.

We accept MTN Mobile Money (MOMO) in Ghana +233 24 3199747 Name on the MOMO account: Mary Adofu



Ryvanz-Mia Charity ships various items to Ghana twice every year and accepts donations of new and used supplies for the children. Examples include clothing, shoes, toiletries, medicine, home goods, books, school supplies, educational games only. Donors of supplies should consider the gender, ages, and needs of the children to ensure that their donation is appropriate.

While it is not required, it is preferred that donations include something for each of the children or items that they can share in order to avoid hurt feelings.

Our mailing address: 


 33 Lexington Street,

Hamden CT,06514


There are currently 17 children at Ryvanz-Mia Childcare. Out of which 9 have been reunited with the extent with their families.

There are 3 girls and 6 boys. There are 8 children currently at the orphanage – 3 girls and 5 boys.



BIG IMPACT—Results so far...
In line with our mission and long-term goals, we believe every orphan child is equally born with wonderful potential. As an organization, we are determined to continue supporting, evaluating, and improving our programs as well as the lives of our orphan children. 

Measuring and Evaluating our impact 

Ryvanz-Mia impact on Education.
Ryvanz-Mia, over the years, raised children through education. It has been a long struggle, but we have achieved an impact. Currently, 8 children have completed Senior High School; two are still in senior high school, while one completed University.
Support Ryvanz-Mia to see the rest through education and the possible good paid job. Make a big difference in how a child performs in school and how he or she feels about school in general.

Our Impact on social life. 

As part of the reintegration of our older children, Ryvanz-Mia and our partners are supporting us to rent accommodation that will house them. 

Learn more about our Adopt a room program for older children.


The following list provides an overview of items that are appropriate to donate.

Clothing & Shoes: Clothing and shoes are always needed. The children desperately need underwear, undershirts, and socks. Shoes including sneakers, flip flops, and dress shoes. The climate in Kpando, Ghana is hot therefore t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, skirts, pants, and summer pajamas are preferred. Raincoats and boots are also appropriate.


We accept toiletries including toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes clippers for barbering, soaps, bed sheets, towels, etc. are always needed. Ryvanz-Mia Childcare additionally accepts over-the-counter children’s medicines for pain relief, stomachaches, cold & flu, as well as vitamins.Please add more to our Wish List or email us at ryvanzmia23@gmail.com