Our Poultry Project

Support our Poultry/Piggery Programs

Over the years, we have had volunteers sponsoring our poultry initiative program and this year is no exception. As a way to improve and become self-sustaining, we developed these projects in order to help children raise food and enough money for school fees and materials.

Also we train orphans to become useful and highly skilled in poultry  and piggery management with the help of a qualified poultry farmer.

If you feel as though, you will like to help with poultry farming or any other project we have, please feel free to contact us at info@ryvanzmiaorphanage.org

We will gladly assist you with the expenses and other useful information. The pictures shows the progress we made over the years.


At Ryvanz-Mia, we believe that we can never attain sustainable changes until unless we ensure the active involvement of the civil society members. We invite and encourage the volunteers to take an active part and work with us for the betterment of the underprivileged part of society. 

We believe in sharing the same purpose with the youth volunteers and in gathering them under one platform for the communal betterment. The volunteers have been regarded as the backbone of this organization, as they carry forward the message to the society, thus sensitizing them towards the same cause.


Other Sustainable Programs to support.