Program Fees For Volunteers

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Program Fee’s & Duration - Volunteer Projects

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Volunteer packages include:

  • Pick up and drop off at the airport.Volunteer arriving after 5:30pm will pay additional fee of $75 /€75 for sleeping overnight in hotel with early breakfast or otherwise before setting off the your volunteering town.

  • 3 meals a day

  • We will provide adequate accommodation, care ,security while you stay in Ghana.

Volunteer packages NOT include:

  • Visa/Airfare

  • Tourist fees

  • Immunization and travel health insurance.

  • In-country transportation and tourism trips.


Additional fees of $100/€100 will be charge each week.We have affordable fees for our  prospective volunteers, Discount will be given to a group volunteers.

No registration fee will be charge.All volunteer fees will be send directly to the programs and are non refundable.Don’t forget to ask your Ghanaian souvenir as a proud volunteer.

We accept MTN Mobile Money (MOMO)

+233 24 3199747

Name on the MOMO account:Mary Adofu

Volunteer Accommodations

Volunteers are hosted on the second floor of the Ryvanz-Mia Orphanage. (The orphans are not allowed on this floor.) There are 5 double-occupancy bedrooms with locks on all doors and mosquito nets on all beds. 

At the end of the hall is a bathroom, which is only used by volunteers. The bathroom contains an indoor flush toilet and bathtub shower. Should there be a lack of water pressure, a reservoir of water and bucket are available in the bathroom for force flushing the toilet and bucket bathing in the shower.


Volunteers are provided with an orientation upon arriving in Ghana in order to help the volunteer become aware of his/her local surroundings and safety concerns.Volunteers are encouraged to purchase a mobile phone, which is carried on them at all times.


We provide 24/7 assistance and support from our awesome staff. Volunteers will be given contact number(s) of our local coordinator and staff as part of their airport drop off. During the program, our project coordinator will closely work with you to ensure your safely on the program.Also they will be your direct link, 24 hours a day to address any concerns, questions or needs you may have in a timely manner.


All meals are prepared on-site by Mama Esi, and there are three scheduled meal times. For volunteers who are teaching at the Delta Preparatory School, a bag lunch can be prepared and taken in the morning. 

Take Note:Volunteers who have special dietary needs or food allergies should note their needs on their volunteer application us so we can notified in advance.Purified drinking water is provided for volunteers.


There is electricity, however, there are frequent power cuts. Volunteers are recommended to bring flashlights, candles and matches.The nearest internet café is approximately a 15-minute walk from the orphanage.


For $10 USD per month, a volunteer’s laundry (clothing and bed linens) can be done once a week. All volunteers are asked to launder their own undergarments.


Ryvanz-Mia is surrounded by a gate, which is locked at night.Additionally, the doors to the home are also locked at night and each volunteer room has its own lock.   Volunteers are not permitted to leave the compound after dark without a Ryvanz-Mia staff member.

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