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Barbara Abegar,Volunteer

My involvement with Ryvanz-Mia Childcare started over 4 years ago. I always wanted to support an orphanage but because my husband is from Ghana it was a good reason to choose one from his country. I wanted to support a place I could visit and see the good work that changed the lives of children. I contacted Ryvanz-Mia Childcare and was warmly extended a hand of friendship and appreciation.Read more from here

Ursina Raschein,Volunteer

Thank you guys sooooo much for the AMAZING hosting.

I had a great time and I got to see and experience more than I could ever have hoped for!

Thank you for your kindness and tolerance toward me. I'm so happy that I came here.

Your children are the best behaved I've ever seen an I admire the good and loving home you have created for them.

In hoping to come back soon and meet all of you again 



Marvin & Claudia,Volunteer

We spent a wonderful and unforgettable time here at Ryvanz-

Mia Childcare with lot's of laughs and smiling faces.

We are really thankful for meeting such great people and had the best of time.

Every single one of you have a place in our  hearts and we are looking forward to coming back and see how things are going.

Thank you for your warm welcome, tons of laughs and dance moves, showing us the Ghanaian lifestyle and so much more.

Lot's of Love

Marvin and Claudia

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