Volunteer Accommodations


Volunteers live and work with the Ryvanz-Mia Orphanage. Further details will be provide to all volunteers on arrival.

All meals are prepared on-site by Mama Esi and Juliet, and there are three scheduled meal times. For volunteers who are teaching at the Delta Preparatory School, Missahoe School, a bag lunch can be prepared and taken in the morning. 

Vegetarians are easily accommodated by our host families, with rice, fruit, and a wide variety of beans available. The more popular local fruits include plantains, pineapples, and oranges


Please Note:

Volunteers who have special dietary needs or food allergies should note their needs on their volunteer application us so we can be notified in advance.


Purified drinking water is provided for volunteers.


Volunteers are provided with an orientation upon arriving in Ghana in order to help the volunteer become aware of his/her local surroundings and safety concerns.Volunteers are encouraged to purchase a mobile phone, which is carried on them at all times.

Volunteers should report any instance of illness or injury to a Ryvanz-Mia staff member. The volunteer will be escorted to by a staff member Margret Marquart Catholic Hospital for treatment, the staff member will remain with the volunteer for the duration of his/her treatment.

As the hospital is ten to fifteen minute walk away, generally volunteers will walk with a Ryvanz-Mia staff member to Marquart Marquart Hospital. In the event that a volunteer is unable to walk to the hospital a taxi would be called for transportation.