Volunteer Work In Ghana

Volunteer work in Ghana is one of the best decisions you can make. The euphoric lifestyle, local cuisine, and beaches provide an array of options for you to revel in. However, several medical, social, and technological situations need to be attended to immediately, and this guidebook would inform you of the way to go.


Why Volunteer In Ghana?


Like every other reason for volunteering, Ghana provides you the opportunity to touch lives especially. It also helps you to change long-standing wrong views about life. The people are friendly, the place is safe, and the culture is diverse. Since Ghana remains a developing country, even your little efforts would go a long way in improving things.


Why Pay To Volunteer?

Going through a placement organization has far many more advantages than traditional abroad programs. This way, you get the best project suitable for you based on your interests, skills, and resources. It also guarantees you a comfortable journey and stays. This is where your money goes into when you pay.


Project Opportunities with us.


Ghana is a choice field for many gap year travelers and students. Project opportunities to indulge in include:

  • The 3/4 week Ghana experience program

  • Week special program

  • Orphanage, Teaching, and Football coaching programs

  • Medical and healthcare volunteering projects

  • Girls education program

  • Community development project

  • Volunteer with our Online Radio Station


Basic requirements of a volunteer in Ghana

Age: At least 17 years or older. 18 years and above for medical programs.

Attitude: Flexible and patient

Apart from these, every other positive trait is a requirement needed for you to volunteer. At such, there is no hard and fast rule to the requirement of a volunteer.


Program Costs

Specific to the kind of project you undertake as well as the weeks spent in Ghana, costs may be as low as $500 and as high as $1500.

Accommodation and meals to expect. Learn More

Basic household amenities and two square meals a day. You can explore more meals.


Visa requirements and flights

Contact the visa office in your country of residence. Volunteering projects are located in Tamale, and there is constant domestic communication with Accra.



Suggested vaccines include yellow fever, Hepatitis A and B, and Typhoid. However, you should contact your doctor.

You would learn the dos and don’ts, things to do when you get to Ghana, and reasons to work with us on our site. Learn More